3 things I remember as I complete 3 years of blogging

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to encourage me to write more. As Paul writes to the Church of Thessalonians

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. I Thess 5:11

I like the word encourage a lot. 3 things I remember

Encourage means to persuade (someone) to do or continue to do something by giving support and advice.

1. I remember the people who encouraged me

Throughout these 3 years, many people have been constantly encouraging me to write more. Encouraging is a great gift. Some people are really gifted in it. Their one word can boost our energy level, and their one word of encouragement can bring a great hope within us.

One such man from the Bible is Mr Barnabas. He was a great Encourager. He was the one who introduced Paul to the group of apostles at Jerusalem. Paul was just a beginner in the ministry. He just started preaching, and it was Barnabas who bridged the gap and made way for Paul to expand his ministry, and you know what? That small word of encouragement, paved way for a great ministry ahead of Paul, by God’s grace.

Your one word of encouragement can make a huge impact in the lives of your dear ones.

In Hebrew the meaning of the name Barnabas is: Son of consolation or son of exhortation, son of comfort.

Barnabas did a great job!

I thank God that I met some Barnabas-es in my life, who constantly prayed and encouraged me, and desired to see me writing and doing more for the Lord. They went an extra mile, not only to read my articles, but to review the content and gave constant feedback on how I can improve. If I start with the names, I may miss mentioning someone, so I don’t want to take that risk.

The Lord will surely reward you.

I just wrote this post to thank you.

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Encouraging and building one another is a great job! We can do that! It doesn’t take much time to simply encourage someone. I am not saying about praising people. But when we see someone doing a good thing, why can’t we go and tell that person, a word of encouragement, “Bro, you are doing a good job. Keep it up”

I will give you a small tip, to ensure that your word of encouragement really helps someone.

Want to know that?

There are two essential components in encouraging someone who is doing a good thing

  1. Tell them how that work added value to your personal life!
  2. Also tell them how it can add value to other’s personal life! OR What difference that particular thing can make it other’s lives!

If possible, give them some real life examples.

This will help them to continue their good work, also they will be able to get the bigger picture of how a small task can make a huge impact. This way, you are not simply praising them, but you are actually helping them to do better.

Say, for example, your friend started sharing a daily devotion. One fine morning, you got to listen to his daily devotion. You were inspired. Now it’s your turn to encourage that friend. How do you do that?

Bro, it’s superb!


Nice devotion.

These are some of the common expressions.


you can add more value, by adding the above mentioned two essential components

For example:

Bro, I was listening to your devotion today, and I got an answer to my question. Thank you so much for being an instrument in delivering God’s message for me

In this statement, you have conveyed, how that daily devotion helped you.

Secondly, you can add on

Bro, please keep sharing. I am sure many people might be inspired to live a good life, by listening to your morning devotion. It might boost their productivity. May the Lord help you

Got it?

Now, you are adding more value to the comments. This kind of encouragement really helps.

2. I remember how God has helped me in this journey

When I say, God helped me, I really mean it, because I was not a writer or someone who was passionate about writing. I just started writing 3 years back. Before that, I remember I hardly wrote few articles, (if I remember correctly) maximum 3 articles. One during my school days, two during my college days. After that I tried starting a blog, wrote one or two articles stopped it. Again, another blog I started, wrote few articles, again it did not go well.

But this one was really inspired by God, right from scratch. And I knew that the Lord was leading me.

What I was trying to say was that, all my human efforts failed, but when I started trusting in the Lord, it was at that time, I started to experience the divine help in writing.

Now it has come to a stage, where, as I prayerfully start writing, I do not feel like stopping, I keep on writing.

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So I am convinced that it is 100% God’s help. Even as I write this post, initially I was not that motivated to write, but before I started writing I prayed for God’s help and now I could feel the presence of God as I began to write.

3. I remember that ‘one thing’ which inspired me to start the blog in the first place

I knew that there was something in me, that the world badly needed. 3 years back, I got a better clarity about the PROBLEM this world is facing. God gave me some solution, which I strongly believe is the real SOLUTION to that PROBLEM.

I was convinced that my solution could address that problem at least to some extent.

And it really worked. Thank God!

I’m sure each of the posts, which I am posting, is helping to solve at least few of the problems in the world around me. And when I see that it is really working out well, it still inspires me to write.

Sometimes I get a response from total strangers on how some posts were useful to them. Even as I am sleeping, my posts are being sought for, by people around the globe. Thanks to Google for the help in bringing some of my posts to the top three in the search results.

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This is not to boast, but to tell you, that the world is seeking for help, and God has given you the solution. You just have to reach out to the world with the God-given solution which is in you.

I am strongly convinced that this was a God-given idea, to start a blog, else it would have stopped by itself in the first place, as it happened to my first two blogs.

From the time I started blogging, almost every week, I could address some problem or the other, and even today, I have a pending list of problems to address, and I’m sure God will help me to do that in the coming days.

Once again a big thank you for being with me in this journey. You have made all the way till the end of this post. Thank you. God bless you.

More things coming up soon

This is what I am doing now. http://hisvoiceonline.com/romans/

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