Biggest discouragement Jesus faced as a leader, yet He didn’t give up

Jesus is the best leader whom the world can ever witness.

What would you think could be one of the biggest possible discouragement for Jesus, as a leader?Discouragement

I would say, it is to see that his own disciple not really following Him.

He was none other than Judas.

What would you do, if you, as a leader, see your own buddy, in your church, or in your team, or your child, who is supposed to follow you, doing the exact opposite of what you really believe or teach?

Wouldn’t that discourage you?

You might think, I did my best, I tried to show the best example possible, but still why is that fellow still not following me, in doing the right thing?

Well, you may not want to see others noticing your own follower not really following you. Isn’t that a bad testimony as a leader?

Yeah, I think Jesus could well relate with you, if you too are feeling the same.

Judas was a close companion and a student of Jesus. He lived with Jesus and His other 11 disciples for the those three years. He traveled long and dusty roads together with them. He ate with them, sat around evening fires with them talking about the kingdom of God, and he prayed with them. He heard more of Jesus’s sermons than almost anybody. He received personal instruction from Jesus. He witnessed Jesus’s incredible miracles and saw the Father provide for their needs over and over again.

Yet Judas was a thief

“he was a thief, and having charge of the moneybag he used to help himself to what was put into it” (John 12:6).

He used to steal from the common account of Jesus and His team. In fact Jesus appointed the one guy whom he knew was a “devil” (John 6:70) to manage the money. But this was not poor judgment on Jesus’s part. It was deliberate. Jesus knew Judas was pilfering, yet Jesus made him in charge of money.

And we know that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver coins


It is astonishing to note that Judas being the follower of the Best Leader, for atleast 3 years did not change, but the thief on the cross, who spent only 3 hours with Jesus, changed his life and became a saint. Hilarious!

One could really be discouraged to see such a fellow team member doing exactly the opposite of what his leader is teaching.

But Jesus didn’t give up on Judas.

As a leader, you need not give up on such a fellow. You can continue to be kind and patient, hoping he will change one day, in the long run. Jesus did the same. He loved Judas till the end, just as much as He loved Peter, James and John, because Jesus cannot be partial and His love is never conditional.

Is your ‘fellow’ not really following you? Don’t worry! Continue to love, serve and help him.

Who knows? This ‘Judas’ could become the ‘Peter’ in your team, who could become a great influential leader, in the future.

Therefore, be kind, wait, love, patient! Yes, wait, wait, wait! Yeah, till the end!

Your Turn

What would you do, if you were in the place of Jesus? Would you hand over that money bag to a thief? Share your thoughts below


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  • Vinod Mathew

    Hi Donny,

    This was really helpful. Restored the hope in my colleagues. Motivated to serve them more. Continue writing. God bless.

    • Donny Thomas Kurien

      Great bro. Jesus is such an encouragement to any generation