How to get back your lost enthusiasm

The other day, I was speaking to a group of teenage students. After the talk, I opened a QnA session. One boy asked this question, “How to get rid of laziness?”. Even though it was a simple question, I was stuck for a moment, and finally managed to somehow give an answer, but I was not satisfied! This question echoed in my mind again and again through out the weekend. I asked myself, ‘What should be the answer?’so you want to overcome laziness-

Then I went back to my school days, I remembered how I used to sit for hours and hours, burning the midnight oil, and waking up early in the morning, and revising. Then I asked myself, “What was my motivation during those days?” I found a simple but profound fact, which I would like to share with you, (especially to those who are writing their exams, in the coming days)

It was because I had a great desire within me to get good marks, in fact, FULL MARKS.

I imagined the day when teacher gives away the answer paper. I visualized getting 50/50 in that top right column. I remembered the moment I would show the marks to my parents and get their praises, and so on.

Deep within me, I told myself, “I can do it. I just have to sit some more hours to complete this portion. Once I finish this, I will be able to solve any type of question from this topic”

Before I start studying, I made sure I pray and read the Bible. One important verse, which I always remember is this -The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 1:7) I knew that, if God grants wisdom, I would be able to grasp any difficult concept within a short span of time. So I used to invest more time in Bible reading and meditation. The more I meditate, the more concentration I used to get, to cover the syllabus.

If you ask me, why I was willing to sacrifice my time, and energy for studying so hard, I would say, that it was the GREAT BURNING DESIRE in me, to achieve something, which I knew was possible.

Yes, that’s the key – a genuine INTEREST or a DESIRE for something VALUABLE. Some call it PASSION! That’s what drives you.

How to overcome laziness? All you need to do is be get back that fire burning again.

(I wish I had remembered this during that QnA session)

If you are lazy about something, the first question you need to ask yourself is this – Are you really passionate about it?

Do you really want that? Is it a real need? If you have a strong desire for something, you will do your best to achieve it. You will be willing to spend any amount of time, money and energy just to get it! I heard in a seminar, about this:-

Re-fill your passion bucket!

Yes we need to constantly fill our passion bucket.

Many times, we will be drained of our energy, when we look at the impossibilities, the obstacles, or the negative words of dear/near ones. If your passion bucket is becoming empty, do something about it. Get back to square one- As yourself, Why did I want to have it, in the first place? Start desiring it all over again. Increase your passion for it. Find compelling reasons to go for it. Strive hard! Work hard! Fight for it, until you get it. Think about the precious reward waiting for you once you achieve it. Ask God for more wisdom.

Yes keep filling your passion bucket.

Once you get back your lost passion, you will get back your enthusiasm. Once you are filled with enthusiasm, nothing can stop you. You will find all possible ways to overcome any kind of obstacles that comes your way.

All the best! God help you to achieve His best planned for you.

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