Is ‘everything’ written/revealed in the Bible? (VIDEO Eng and Mal)

Bible begins with the book called Genesis, which records about how it all began! (The origin of life, time, universe, mankind, sin etc) Bible ends with the book called Revelation, which records about how everything will end! (the end of the age, earth etc and the beginning of the new life in Heaven) In other words, it records the entire timeline of God’s Master.

But the question is, does it record information concerning every subject/topic in this universe? Out of what is written, is everything revealed to us? Also, who wrote the Bible?

3 things I wish everyone knew about the Bible (Video)

In this video, I have attempted to answer these three questions.

  1. Who wrote the Bible/Scriptures/Word of God?
  2. Is everything written in the Bible/Scriptures/Word of God?
  3. Is everything revealed in the Bible/Scriptures/Word of God?

Watch and be blessed. Available in two languages – English and Malayalam. Please let me know your views on this in the comments below.






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