How to preach with the same/more energy you had during your preparation?

I was supposed to handle two sessions. That too, in the afternoon. I was little worried. The topic was a very difficult one. It was a youth camp.

How in the world, am I going to make it interesting? Definitely I am going to put the children to deep sleep, I thought within myself.

But I had done my homework well – I prayed, planned and prepared well. I asked many of my friends on the topic, and even asked suggestions on how to make it interesting, but still…….

The time for me to preach was approaching. Bell for the lunch break rang. My heart started to beat fast. Just after the lunch, I was gonna be on stage. I was left with little motivation within me. I couldn’t feel that same energy which I had during my preparation.

There was an elderly speaker there, whom I admired a lot. I quickly ran towards him.

Can I ask you something“, I asked him.

How do you maintain the motivation level as you preach? What if you are not motivated?listening as you speak

Son, that’s a tricky one. Nothing can be done from our end. It’s all about our trust in God. It is God who works while we speak. It is purely the grace of God. He gives it freely to whom He wishes. All you need to do is to fully put your trust and confidence in God.”

Something sparked within me. I got it.

I ran to another room, and closed the door. Almost 15 minutes left.

Lord, I am gonna be on stage shortly with your Word. It is your children. And the Word is Yours! You speak to them. I surrender my words, actions, thoughts, everything into Your hands. Lord, please give me enough grace to deliver itroom

I felt a great presence of God, as I was praying that simple prayer. I was confident enough that, it was not about me. It was all about God.

I understood that God needs a human being to play a part in this speech, that is, to be the mouthpiece. And I knew that I just had to leave myself, my whole being, totally to the Lord, so that He can use me to do something, for His own glory.

Then I heard the announcement, “Now, I invite Donny to come and share the message for this afternoon”

My heart started beating fast, as I walked to the stage. But this time, I knew very well that the Lord was beside me. I intentionally reminded myself that the Lord was walking along with me. So I just needed to  start speaking. Rest the Lord will do.

With this thought in my mind, I started giving the introduction. Suddenly I observed that the whole audience started paying perfect attention to me. I understood that the Lord has already taken control. I could feel that the content was flowing freely through me. I felt so confident that the Holy Spirit was indeed speaking. Joy and peace filled my heart.Preaching3

I started walking around with the cordless microphone, and went in the midst of the audience and started asking questions, and they quickly responded. It was truly an interactive session.

Time flew away. Oh my God! 1 hour gone, but I haven’t completed yet. Lot of points remaining.

I looked at the clock. It was already 3 minutes past the time allocated to me.

I thought for a moment, What should I do?

Then I reminded myself

I have already conveyed the main content. The Lord must have already conveyed what He wanted to. Now the time is over. I need to stop. Anyway, the next session is also for me, I can continue, if needed. 

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I stopped abruptly with a word of prayer, saying, Let’s continue the remaining in the next session.

You know what? That was one of the most joyful moments of my life – The true satisfaction of conveying the message from God.

How do you maintain the energy while preaching? The answer is simple

…do not worry about how you should make your defense or what you should say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you must say Luke 12: 11, 12

PreachingPractice the art of listening to God (the Holy Spirit), each and every second, as you deliver the sermon. Make sure you don’t put any confidence in your own strength, but redirect that confidence to the Holy Spirit within you.


Continue to learn from the Holy Spirit as you speak. 

That’s when you will truly start to see the work of God, as you preach.

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  • Stephen Emmanuel

    True brother. Listening to the Holy Spirit. Its about Him. Amen. Nice!

    • Donny Thomas Kurien

      Amen :) God bless you

  • Joshua Valson

    Very true. The audience is alive only if the Holy Spirit is brooding over them and then the Word from God reaches. It need be just a sentence … It brings forth life. :) Beautiful experience.

    • Donny Thomas Kurien

      Amen. Thank you Jesus for your words of eternal life.

    • Donny Thomas Kurien

      Amen. Thank you Jesus for your words of eternal life.