Is it still possible to have a noise-free closed room for a ‘quiet time’?

It’s becoming too noisy around! Of all the pollution around, I would say, the more terrible one is NOISE pollution. By the way, what is noise? Any sound which you do not anticipate can be called as a Noise. Personally speaking, I love silent environment, especially when I write. That’s the time I would be able to concentrate more and focus more on what I am doing. People living in metropolitan cities are used to the noise pollution around. Sound of vehicles, engines, generator, helicopter, train, etc.

I had always longed for a silent environment.Noisefreeclosedroom

During my college hostel days

I stayed in a hostel during my college days. We were three people in a room. You can imagine, how it would be to be in a boys only hostel, that too, college students. That’s when the Lord started to teach me how to create a silent environment even in midst of noisy surroundings.

Initially I suffered a lot, trying to concentrate on my studies, prayer etc while in a room full of heavy metal music, jazz and so on, and on top of that, friends coming in and going. Inorder to concentrate, I even tried using an over-ear headset and started listening to music, to train myself to concentrate, but it didn’t succeed.

Then I tried waking up early in the morning to have some quiet time, but many times it was difficult to wake up early in the morning.

I even planned of switching to a single room, but it was too expensive.

Weekend quiet times

Therefore I chose to spend the weekends to do intensive study, because most of the hostel mates would go home. I used to long for the weekend to complete the portions. Especially when it is a long weekend, I used to be so exited that I would be getting a good amount of time free of noise pollution 😀

I still remember those weekend days, I used to wake up in the morning, highly peaceful and waiting to do something useful.

But you know what? Even then sometimes I could not succeed in concentrating on my studies/reading, something or the other used to come my way and distracts me.

Finally the Lord taught me the secret

Over the period of time, the Lord taught me something very important, a key secret in creating a noise-free environment.

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. (Matt 6:6)

Jesus teaches us the importance of closed room and secret prayer. Let me try to expand the concept of a closed room. The importance of a noise-free closed room

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When you shut your door, you are alone with your Father in that secret room!

But here is the challenge!

Even if your door is closed, still you are open to the world in front of you, through the door, which is your best friend called ‘mobile phone’.

So how in the world is it possible to create a closed environment?

Let’s go deeper

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father

See the three important steps

  1. Go to your room
  2. Shut your door
  3. Start praying

‘Shut your door’ could also mean to close all ‘entrances’ of ‘noise’

Which are the ‘entrances’ of ‘noise/distractions’ in your life? What are the ‘doors’ through which noise enters your mind? Those are the very doors you need to shut!

  1. WhatsApp notifications?
  2. Office emails?
  3. Meeting Reminders?
  4. Awaiting phone calls?
  5. Things to do list?
  6. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram notifications?
  7. Quora feeds?
  8. Alarms?

and so on?

This is your personal assignment.

Action for the Day: Find all possible doors. Close all the doors, before you go for prayer. 

During the time of Jesus, closing one physical door would have been more than sufficient to clear most of the distractions, but today, as we live in the digital age, the noises are increasingly digital in nature. Hence it is more and more difficult to create a noise-free environment

Shut those DIGITAL doors

Let us learn to place that DIGITAL DOOR in front of all our DIGITAL PATHWAYS/ENTRANCES, which means, we need explore the possibilities of using the LOCK feature of our devices or gadgets to TEMPORARILY lock you out whenever required, so that we can use that NOISE-FREE environment to spend time with our Father.

Find your own ways of locking those digital doors. Limiting the usage of WhatsApp to a definite period of time, disabling unwanted alerts, exiting unwanted groups in social media are some of the ways! Use your creativity for this 😛

Keep a regular check on the activity in digital world. There are a lot of apps out there, which you can install in your mobile, which will do a regular monitoring of your digital activity. You can see the graphs and the amount of time spent for each app/activity. My Addictiometer, QualityTime, Social Fever, Space etc are some of those apps 

Over the period of time, the Lord has taught me how to close some of the most disturbing doors in my mind. Started from college days, still learning and exploring. If you know some, please do share below.

And now by His grace, even when there are too many noises around, I have learned the art of creating a noise-free environment in my mind, to concentrate on what I am doing, especially a quality time of prayer and meditation. To an extent, I am now able to enter into that noise-free closed room, quiet often, which Jesus was talking about.


Remember! This is also a SKILL/ART, which means, you can learn it.

Even in that small room, or house, where there is a lot of noise around – sound of TV, or vehicles or animals – it is still possible to create a noise-free environment in your mind, if you can just try this art of shutting the doors of all entrances of noise.

This is very important for you in order to start listening to the VOICE of your Father who is in the secret place

This is a real challenge for this generation! Listening to the VOICE of God and talking to Him is one of the most important things in our lives, hence let us do all that we can to get to that room.

Here is a video on the 6 simple steps to get started with your quiet time

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