Qualities of a Student Leader

I praise God for you, that God has blessed you with a great opportunity to attend this year’s school of youth leadership camp. This is not by chance that you came. It was already decided by God, that you attend this. God has a great plan and purpose for you. He has lot of great plans to be accomplished through you. Jesus is with you always. Holy Spirit abides in you. Stay close to God, obey His word, and you will find yourself following the path of Jesus. God will make you fishers of men. All the best. Here are some notes for you.

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Additional outline points (Qualities of a Student Leader)

  1. Know his calling. He should be knowing who he is, and what his purpose is! Jesus knew His calling.
  2. He should be approachable. All people felt free to come to him and ask him any doubt they had. He was a secret keeper, a man of integrity.
  3. He should be able to produce
  4. He should be disciplined like a disciple. No compromise allowed. Disciplined in word, thought and deed. During camps and other group activities, they should be able to able to exhibit a true testimony of Christ.
  5. He should be a role-model so that others can look unto. After 10 years down the line, will your friends remember your good deeds? It’s not about fame, but the true inner qualities of a man people can look unto
  6. He should lead others by his example. Leadership by example.
  7. He should not be political minded, but should be Holy Spirit
  8. He should have good moral principles like that of Jesus. He should behave well with opposite genders, and should have integrity in financial matters. Relationship with opposite genders are to be taken care of. Example principles: He should not spend time with a girl alone in a deserted area, and vice versa. He should seek the help of believing sisters while counseling sisters of his same age. He should not create opportunities of the devil to work in these areas. Need to be alert and careful.
  9. His ultimate aim should be to lead others to God, and not to himself or form a group under the denomination, church or a man or an institution. Rather, his work should be to draw people to Christ, and henceforth make them disciples of Christ, so that they themselves will learn to have independent walk with Christ and to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  10. He should be rooted in God’s word. He should have a daily quiet time. He should be able to teach others how to pray, read the Bible and to have a close walk with God.
  11. He should be a man of God, whose decisions are directed by the Holy Spirit.
  12. All other talents like playing musical instruments, singing songs, leading service etc should be accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit. He should not use his talents to mere impress other students, but his aim should be to use all his talents in the best way possible to bring glory to God, so that others also will feel motivated to do the same. Some student leaders who are talented create an impression that God’s work is only possible if they possess some amazing talents. This may mislead students who are not that talented. if they see the true motivation of the Holy Spirit, they will never trust in the talents or gifts, but will rely on the Holy Spirit and this will bring forth true results.
  13. He should not be a man of quick temper or having a mentality of arguments, but he should be humble and able to teach others with meekness and grace.
  14. He should understand that he is representing the role of a student pastor, shepherding the students to follow Christ.
  15. He should be submitting to the human leadership above him, firstly parents, then the pastor, then the Staff worker and his teachers and non-teaching staff in his school or college.
  16. He should know to strike a balance between church ministry, student prayer group and personal life.
  17. He should not be lazy in his studies, and should work hard extra hours to make it up for the time spent for group activities. Many student leaders spent time for youth groups and end up failing in exams, because they were least bothered about studies. There should be a proper balance, and it should never be at the expense of not preparing for exams.
  18. He should pray specifically for (and desire for) the gift of personal evangelization (so that he can win many souls for Christ in campus), gift of discernment (so that he can minister to many students), gift of wisdom and knowledge (so that he can take wise decisions), gift of teaching (this will be helpful while conducting group Bible studies)

Few suggestions/ideas for you

  1. He can pray and work hard to improve writing and speaking skills. Lot of good resources are available in internet. This will help him to publish his own study materials through blogs, articles etc. This is a great way of reaching out to friends in school and colleges. Nowadays technology will help us a lot in taking the literature to the needy. Utilize these options. Record the Bible study sessions as audio format, and make a database of the discussions. This will be helpful. Make audio prayers, so that students will be able to use that before writing exams.
  2. He can follow leadership books especially Christian leadership. He should work out to learn more of Servant Leadership, a pattern demonstrated by Christ.
  3. He can work more towards Christian way of motivating and encouraging others. He can work more towards learning the psychological aspects of students in different age groups, cultures etc. This will help him to better understand the needs of students, through which he can get an opening to minister to them.
  4. As a student leader, he should be willing to become lonely, hurt emotionally and physically for the sake of Christ. While dealing with the problems of other’s lives, there are chances that the leaders be hurt, but he should be willing to sacrifice his own time, energy and sometimes money for the sake of Christ. Therefore, he should be having a fellowship with spiritually strong brothers, sisters, pastors, parents etc for a spiritual support. For that he should be actively involved in church meetings, prayer groups etc.
  5. Student leaders should be consistent in all the above qualities, and should become a role model, at all times, because students will be following them. A small mistake can cost the lives of many sheep.