Completed second year of blogging. Few words on how I started.

Just finished migrating the contents from my old hosting provider to the new one. It was a tedious task. Some part of it was trial and error. Almost deleted a major junk, but then I had taken a back up, hence got restored. The hosting service was supposed to expired today early afternoon, so I was in a hurry to complete the transfer before it expired. There were few issues, but the tech support guys helped me. (If you haven’t understood what these terms mean, don’t worry, I will teach you everything from scratch, in an other post. It’s very easy. I found an easy method. If you are Techie, kindly ignore ūüėČ )blog22

Since I competed two years of blogging today, I really wanted to post something today, to share my joy and happiness with you, as I celebrate this second blogging anniversary.

I absolutely enjoyed this journey, in fact, it was a new phase of my life – learning, observing, reading, writing, answering email queries, finding new friends, getting opportunities to help total strangers, and the list goes on. Amazing!

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Why did I start blogging, in the first place?

I asked this question myself.

I love teaching. Many times I desired to get opportunity to speak in churches, conferences or small meetings (all because I love to share what the Lord teaches me), but most of the doors were kind of closed to me. I was in Malaysia, at that time. I had such a lot of things to share, but I felt that opportunities were missing. It’s sad that some churches prefer well qualified, experienced preachers. How then will young people get an opportunity to begin preaching?¬†This was a great concern in my heart, so I decided to step out. I waited for few more months. Nothing worked out. Many times I go to church, enjoy worshiping God, but something was missing. I couldn’t get a chance to share/encourage another believer.

Bible says,

When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. I Cor 14: 26

So there should be some mechanism, in which people should be encouraged to speak up, share the Word of God, testimony etc. But this was missing in most of the gatherings I attended. (Pastors, leaders of church, please do something about this, encourage youngsters to step out. More on this later)

I understood the genuine need for a blog, a platform to share ideas, knowledge etc. I prayed about it, and was convinced that it was God who has put this desire in my heart to pursue blogging platform to share, learn and reach out to people.

A platform which is completely owned by me! Wow! I am the boss ūüėČ Yeah, but definitely under the guidance of God. After all, this is His Voice online :)

Many doors opened

Through this blog, I was able to reach out to so many people. The church which I attended, gave me opportunities to take Bible classes. It was a very good opportunity to interact with Tamil speaking Malaysians and Chinese Christians.

Later on, almost after 1 year, a big old traditional church in Malaysia, opened it’s door for me to preach. I was invited to preach on Sunday morning service. My blog stood out as an online address. It was a God-given opportunity, and the priest read out few lines from my first post, to introduce me. I am so thankful to God! After the sermon, lot of uncles and aunties came forward to me, to encourage and appreciate me. I was truly edified. I got new friends after that meeting. Tears fill my eyes, as I remember how good God has been in guiding me in this journey!

Also, I use this blog to share notes, after I preach. Earlier I used to take print out copies and give them out. But now I would give a link :) Time, effort and money saved, and of course trees as well!

Do not bury, do something about it

God has gifted me with lot of talents writing, singing, playing instruments, preaching, teaching, video/audio making, etc. If I bury all these, and stay idle, one day the Lord will definitely ask, Son, what have you done with all these?

But now, I am happy that I found a platform to share all my learnings, through different forms –YouTube videos, audio sermons, piano tutorials, Ebooks, etc. My desire in the Lord, is to use this internet as a means to reach out to as many people as I could with the message that the Lord is giving me.

Watch my YouTube channel here

Since, I have set the post frequency as one article per week as a self-imposed deadline, I was able to effectively utilize weekends/holidays, and of course the days of the week. Usually when I get a thought from God, I keep pondering on it day and night. Learn more about it, read, explore and try it out. If it really works, I share it.

Sometimes, when I drive, I get an idea. Immediately I stop by, and note it down in my mobile as a voice note or a text. Then during the day, it keeps building up, and finally by the end of the week, it becomes an article. I start typing directly in the computer, and later on edit it. I have kept a notepad in my office desktop and home computer, for scribbling thoughts.

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Today, I was just going through the rough document which I had prepared 2 years back, when this idea of blogging came to my mind. I was surprised to see that few of the goals which I had set back then, which seemed almost impossible, came true. That’s why setting goals is very important – Why should I blog? What is my intention? Who are my audience? What’s my goal in 2 years? How many posts will I write a month? How am I going to promote the articles? etc

I believe, if it is a God-given idea, we need to take it seriously. Ideas remain as ideas for ever, if it is not put it into action. I am so thankful to Amit Bagde, my colleague and friend, who pushed me to post that first article. It was a very good start. God who wants to do a work in us, will help us to completion, but you need to take that first step.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Phil 1: 6

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What has God gifted you with? And what are you doing with it?

Persistence is the key

I am so grateful to Br Robin (Media team of Ps Shyju Mathew, Revive Nations) who gave me the best advice on blogging: “Persistence is the key”

Email screenshot below

Yes, that really worked. Everytime I feel demotivated, I tell myself – Persistence is the key!

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence -Ovid

That one person is more than enough!

Never look at the number of people who visits your blog and get discouraged. Be consistent and wait patiently, you will definitely see the fruit. My motivation was this, if atleast one person was benefiting from my blog post, I was happy, because one person is much more valuable than the whole world. That one person will always be there

In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even ONE¬†sinner repents Luke 15: 10

Therefore, target that one person, and you will find yourself reaching out to so many needy souls.¬†Sometimes, I was so discouraged when I didn’t see any response, but later I was convinced that ‘no-response’ doesn’t really mean that, it was not useful, but people forget to respond. It is quite natural that we tend to forget to respond or say thanks to those who¬†have helped us. Therefore we can never evaluate our work from the response we get.

Those times of discouragement paved way for me to learn new things, and write more articles.

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So, it’s all about how we take it. We have a lot of things to learn from each life incidents. As somebody said, Learn to smell the roses on the way. Many times, we are too much focused on the destination, and forget to enjoy the journey.

Recently I read a wonderful book on Living Your Potential (A must read book by Pr Alexi George.

Let me be honest with you, I really enjoyed this journey. I feel a great sense of satisfaction in writing. It gives meaning and purpose to my life. I now have a platform to share!

Why not Facebook and WhatsApp?

Sometimes, what we post in Facebook, gets buried in the millions of posts flooded on a daily basis. Same is the case with WhatsApp. Once the data is full, we clear the chat, and it’s gone. But if the same effort is spent on a blog post, it is worth it. Nobody can delete it. It remains there. Not only that, the more hits it gets, it ranks the top in Google Search.

Check out the title, “Simple tips to overcome hurtful words” in Google, you will find my article in top 3 :) Thank you Jesus.Top3

How blessed it is, that when someone who is really hurt, searches google and finds your article helpful! Without you, even knowing about it, you have helped a person, make his day. That’s a great achievement. That’s how a blog post can reach out to millions.

I was bit worried, what if my work is lost someday, when the site gets expired or if I expire. So I decided, to publish the works as a hard copy book, so that it will remain in the bookshelves for many more years! Just remember the thousands of books written decades ago which are still among the best-selling in the market today. Right now, I will focus on making it as an ebook, so that it will float around, and remain in computer/mobile hard disks.

(I could go on and on, and share my thoughts on blogging. Maybe I will share that on an other post)

Thank you!

I am also grateful to Renju Koshy who helped me right from the inception of this idea, to get it up and running. Initially I had thought to seek the help of a technical person for setting up the site, but later decided to take up the challenge to set up everything from scratch, from domain, hosting, web designing, layout and blogging.

I use this opportunity to thank my dear mentor and aunty Tara Gomez, who is the woman behind this mission. She is the one who does all the proof reading, reviewing, correction and mentoring. God bless you aunty. May you live longer, so that God can use you to be as a useful instrument to uphold many youngsters in their mission. Tara aunty lives in Malaysia, and is from Australia. She and her husband Antony uncle travels quite frequently and is busy in serving the Lord, in one of the local churches in Malaysia. In spite of their busyness, they still find time to read all my articles and do the needful correction. Once again a big thanks!

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my mom, dad, brother and our church brothers and sisters who constantly promotes my work.

Wow!! Glad that you have made this far, in reading this. :) I would love to hear from you on how this blog has been helpful for you. That would definitely be an encouragement for me. Please drop a note here or comment below

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    Great work Donny Anna! God bless you!

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      Thanks Aloshni! God bless you

  • Joanna Sara Valson

    Wonderful.. Praising God for leading thus far.. It has been a great blessing for me.
    God bless..

    • Donny Thomas Kurien

      Thanks Sr Joanna for the encouragement