Life cycle of a seed in the Master’s basket

Today’s was a very hectic day. My eyes were feeling heavy. I was almost retiring to bed.

“Will write it tomorrow or during the weekend”, I thought within myself

(By the way, towards the end, I have explained the life cycle of a seed, how it takes various forms. If you are feeling hopeless, then this article is for you. There are 6 beautiful lessons (+ 6 tips to make the meditation memorable) which will really inspire you. Keep reading)Seed in the Master's basket

Then I opened the Bible to read a portion before going to bed. As I was reading, suddenly a voice came to me,

“Son! You are reading the words of God in the Bible because somebody took the effort to write it down”

That sparked a fire in me.

I changed my decision, “Yes, I will write it today itself.”

We have our usual fellowships on Tuesday’s at our company canteen. Today it was my turn to share the Word of God. I woke up early in the morning, to receive the Word from the Lord. I opened the portion of the Bible, from which I was supposed to share and started to meditate.

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Honestly speaking I was not getting any message from God. I was tempted to refer google or internet resources to find some information.

Then I was reminded of the promise of Jesus Christ, “Holy Spirit will teach you all things” (John 14: 26)

I told, “Holy Spirit! I am not going to refer anything. I will sit here until you teach me what this means”

I read it few times. Still didn’t get anything. But I didn’t give up. I kept on asking God

“Lord, please teach me what this means”

I opened my notebook to scribble, as I usually do. I started noting down the keywords from this portion, and suddenly it sparked within me, and the Holy Spirit started to teach me new things.

God will never disappoint a hungry soul. If you really desire to learn from God, He is always a ready Teacher.

Bible Meditation Tip#1 Keep a notebook handy whenever you sit at God’s feet to learn the Word. That shows you are interested to learn from the Master. Remember your school days, how your teacher scolds you, if you forget to bring your notebook to the class. How much more our Heavenly Master demands respect. 

I got the message. I was so excited. While I was driving to office, I continued my meditation. Got many more thoughts on this.

“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!”

I started to preach as I was riding the bike. (Sometimes I act crazy – I laugh, speak aloud, sing and shout when I am alone riding, to express the joy of the Holy Spirit which comes when the secrets of the Kingdom of God are revealed)

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I was hurrying to finish my work soon, so that I could spare some time in the evening to attend the fellowship at our canteen.

We had a wonderful discussion. In this post I would like to share with you, what we have learned and discussed today.

If you are meditating the Bible for the first time or is not used to Bible meditation, I hope you will find this much more useful, because in this I have given some practical tips on how to interpret the Bible verses, by yourselves.

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Shall we begin?

It is a parable told by Jesus.

By the way, what is a parable? A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

Jesus often told many parables to explain heavenly concepts.

In this portion, Jesus was trying to explain the concept of Kingdom of God. We will come to that. Before that, let me copy/paste the portion here so that you can refer as you read.

Good that you reached till here. That shows you are interested. Keep reading…

Only two verses.

Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” (Matt 13: 31, 32)

Let’s go word by word, then we can discuss the message from God.

Have you noticed the first phrase?

“Another parable”

Yes, Jesus didn’t stop there with one or two stories. If you read this whole chapter, you will notice that He kept on telling many parables to explain a single concept, that is, the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. That means He really wanted His disciples to get a deeper level of understanding of this topic.

Bible Meditation Tip#2 – Every time we read the Bible, read slowly and carefully. Observe each and every word, phrase, sentence, grammar, punctuation, etc. Try to understand what the text means

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a”

Jesus was trying to draw our attention to a some process which we already are familiar with, that is, the process of how a seed grows. And then he relates it to the Kingdom of Heaven

Let’s move on

“A man took”

Who is this man? From where did he take the seed? What did He do with that?

I found the answer in the same chapter, in another parable. This man is Jesus Christ.

He answered and said to them: “He who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. Matt 13: 37

(Son of Man is the title adopted by Jesus. He often refers Himself as Son of Man)

So, who is this man? Jesus Christ Himself

From where did he take the seed? Obviously, from the basket where the seeds are kept

What did He do with that? Answer is there in the same portion “sowed in his field”

Bible Meditation Tip#3 Whenever you read the Bible, ask many questions to yourself to understand the portion better. Ask why, what, who, whom, where, how. 

Sowed in “His field”

Have you noticed the phrase, “His field”. That means, the Sower had a field of His own, which is properly cultivated and is properly managed. The seed was sown in His own field.


What does the ‘seed’ indicates?

I got the answer from verse 38

the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom

The seed denotes your life as a child of God.

Bible meditation Tip#4. When you ask questions to yourself, remember that the Holy Spirit who teaches you will give the answer from the Bible itself. So make sure you pay full attention. God will remind you some verses which you have already learned. That’s when you find the beauty of how the Word of God is perfectly connected.

What’s the message from this portion?

Alright! We have observed some words and phrases, let’s combine them and ask God for the message

Lord, what do you want me to know from these verses. I know I am not wasting time. I really want to hear from you. Speak Lord, I am listening

The Lord said,

Dear child of God! I am your Master. Your life (seed) is in my basket. It is safe in my hands. I know where to plant you. I have great hope in you. You are my precious child. One day you will change your shape, you will become big and grow into a big plant. You will become very useful to lot of people.

Your house, office, family, culture, country together constitutes your field. If you are a child of God, and you follow the Master, God will never make a mistake, He has already planted at the right place. That is the perfect location where you can be fruitful. Don’t move until the Master commands.

Thank you Jesus!

Bible Meditation Tip#5 – As you read, pause and talk to God. The Lord will reply through the verses. Wait for the personal message from God

Let’s move on. Let me copy paste the portion again, so that you need not scroll back

Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” (Matt 13: 31, 32)

We have already looked at the bold text. Keep reading.

“Least of all seeds” grows to becomes “greater than the herbs”

Which seed is Jesus talking about? Mustard seed.

What is the peculiarity of mustard seed? Least of all seeds. When it is grown, it becomes greater than the herbs and becomes a tree.

What is the message here?

Kingdom of Heaven works like this

It may seem to have a small beginning, but it will not stop there. It will grow, which means it is living and not dead. It will grow and become larger, greater, stronger and mightier, in such a way that many will find rest in it.

Remember, Jesus was not trying to teach them farming, but He was trying to teach the secret of how His Kingdom works.

Listen carefully. Don’t miss the point which He is trying to teach us. May God open our hearts to understand all these.

Bible Meditation Tip#6 – Do not be satisfied with mere intellectual understanding of the Bible verses, but rather go deeper and seek for divine revelation. Ask God to open your eyes to see the beauty of His word. Then He will show you what it really means. Only then you will find Bible meditation interesting and practical.

Now, we have covered this much

  1. ‘Another’ parable –> Story
  2. Kingdom of Heaven is ‘like’ –> Sowing seed and seeding becoming a plant which is useful to many
  3. Man took –> Jesus Christ Himself
  4. Mustard seed –> Smallest, yet will become largest (Growth)
  5. Seed is taken from His basket, and sowed in His field
  6. Seed is nothing, but our precious life

Let’s go a bit deeper into the life cycle of this seed

It is interesting to note that the seed in the Master’s basket (Seed in the Master’s Basket), takes different forms and shape as it moves through each phase. The seed in the Basket will be sown in the soil (Seed in the Master’s soil). When it sprouts and becomes a tree, produces flower, fruit and seed (Seed on the tree). Then if it falls on the ground, due to wind or shake, the next phase would be Seed on the ground. If it is harvested at the right time, it is now back to the Master. Master chooses some to be sold in the market. (Seed in the Market). Some he takes for cooking. (Seed in the Kitchen) Few He keeps apart to be used for sowing. (Seed back to the Master’s basket)

Let’s discuss the spiritual meaning of each phase

Master's use

1. Seed in the Master’s basket

Now, seed in your life. Field is the property of Jesus. Now you are the chosen seed in the Master’s basket. God has chosen your life, to be sown in His good field hoping that one day, you will come up with good fruit.

This gives you a hope. God has never given upon you. He still hopes for a bright future. He has set a great expectation from your life. He has already dreamed a beautiful plant from the seed. He has already visualized birds coming and finding rest in you.

Don’t give up! Stay encouraged. The Lord needs you. Stay where you are. Within some time, you will be sown in the soil.

2. Seed in the Master’s soil

When you are thrown out to the soil, it’s painful. You think everything is gone. You are no more in the basket. You are thrown out of your comfort zone, into the hot oven of the sun. The Master will never leave you alone. He will come and visit you every day, giving you enough water and nutrients. He is watching over you. He is always mindful of you, dreaming about your future all the day. He will protect you, so that no pest will come and destroy you.

Stay hopeful. Initially you may find it difficult, but wait for some more time, your shape and size will soon change, you will come out of the ground in green color. Many will come to see your beauty and take pictures of you.

Don’t get discouraged by your current state. Now, you are totally hidden. Don’t worry. God is doing a great work in your life. Your outer shell may crack, but that’s not the end. You may feel suffocated for some time, but wait, the shoot is coming out. The period you are buried in the soil, is the time for you to prepare yourselves for your life on the ground. Therefore, stay strong, one day you will become a strong plant. When rain comes, and wind blows, you will be not be moved.

3. Seed on the tree

Now you have passed your stage of dormancy. You have grown up. Good work. Now you have started producing beautiful flowers. Butterflies comes in search of you.

Since you have stayed strong during your time in the soil, your stem is strong. Your flower gets enough nutrients from the root. It is in the process of becoming a fruit. You are now developing to a mature fruit. Don’t be in a hurry. Wait there until it is fully ripened.

The time will come when the Master comes for harvest. Wait till then. He has great plans for you. Your fruit will be eaten by lot of people. You are going to bring a smile on somebody’s face. Remain where you are placed. You are in the right place for the right purpose. Wait for the right time.

4. Seed on the ground

Don’t fall to the ground at any cost. It is horrible. When the wind blows and the tree shakes, you may feel like dancing. But you may fall down on the ground. Once you are detached from the tree, you have no more life. Birds will come and snatch you away. Master will not be responsible.

Even if your circumstances seem to shake, never give up. Stay connected to the branch which supports you. You will get all your nutrients, water and energy from the tree, as long as you are connected. Even if the sun is too hot, don’t worry, something good is happening in you.

Remember, if you happen to fall on the ground, you will be soon be fried up in the hot sun. Nobody will be able to save you.

5. Seed in the Master’s kitchen

Now the fruit is fully ripened. The Master comes and plucks you from the tree. It is painful. Sometimes it bleeds. But don’t worry. You are now taken out of your comfort zone. You are now going to the Master’s house. He has some other plans for you. Your time on the tree is over, but you can be rest assured that you are going to be useful to the Master in different ways.

Never question the Lord. It is time to move. The Lord will send you to new places, that you have never seen. You have a lot of new assignments waiting for you. Stay connected with the Master, He will tell you where you should go.

The seeds will be either going to the Market or Master’s Kitchen or the Master’s Basket. Wherever you are, doesn’t really matter, because the Master knows where you are supposed to be.

Once you are the kitchen, there will be no more rain, no sun, no enjoyment. Soon you will be put in hot boiling oil. Your life is going to burst within some time. But still you have hope. When you burst, you will put an additional flavor to the curries made by the Master.

Does your life seem to explode? Have you come to the last point of your life? Don’t give up. The Master worked hard all these many days, just for this moment. He expects a great tasty dish. Your life is much pleasing to the Master. Whether you live or die, the Master gets the glory. So let your prayer,

Father, if you are willing, let this cup pass from me; however not my will, but yours be done (Luke 22: 42)

This is how Jesus prayed. The death of Jesus was similar. But his death brought meaning to life. Similarly broken experiences in your life is going to put a smile on people around you. As you burn out, something tasty is going to come out from your life, which brings added flavor to lot of people

6. Seed in the market

The Master has packed some seeds to be sold in the market. Now you are leaving your hometown. You are now placed in a plastic cover. Don’t worry. There is a label on it, which means you are valuable. People will pay money to get you. That means you have worth.

Yes, life gets meaning, purpose and worth when it is guided and directed by God. As long as you are in the will of God, wherever you move, people will find your life as useful. Now, it’s the time to move around different houses, gardens, fields and even foreign countries. You will go to places you have never dreamed off. It’s because you started from the right place. As you move around, your value increases.

No matter wherever you are, all credit goes to the Master, because there is a label on you – The Master’s trademark. It is God’s seal on you. Your life will bring glory to God

7. Seed back to the Master’s basket

The Master has kept some seeds apart in the basket. Those seeds are looking at the shining seeds in the plastic packet. Oh, I couldn’t enjoy moving around. I didn’t get a chance to be carried to the market. I should have gone to explore the world. But now I am stuck in this place, in the same old basket.

Don’t worry. Sometimes God will allow you to come back to square one. You may feel like all your life is wasted. All your efforts have been lost. You may have to start it all over again.

Don’t worry. You have done a good job, in producing a generation of seeds, which has brought many more seeds, which in turn is going to bring thousands of plants which again produces thousands of seeds like you.

Sometimes God brings us to zero, to start it all over again, because He wants your life to bring the next generation of quality people like you. Only you can do that, that’s why he kept you apart. Be happy about that.

All your friends who have gone to the market, and has eventually ended up in the kitchen is going to be consumed. They are no more. But you are blessed, you are still with the Master.

The Master does what he wishes. Trust him, and He will never disappoint you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like this

In simple terms, Kingdom of Heaven is a country where God is the King and His people are the citizens.

Jesus was trying to explain the operation of the Kingdom of God using a parable. The last portion of the parable goes like this

but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches. (Matt 13: 32)

The Kingdom of God starts like a seed, but becomes a tree, so that birds of the air can rest, people can find food, sower can find seed. Ultimately this small seed is going to yield many other plants, seeds which will bring hope to millions of people. That is, the Kingdom of God is a growing entity.

Blessed are those of you who are part of this Kingdom of God. Wherever you are, your life is going to bring meaning to people around you. Don’t focus on the surroundings, but focus on the Master. He has some great plans for you.

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