Special request to students preparing for Board Exams this Feb-Mar 2016!

Hello friends who are preparing for various board exams and entrance exams.

Please take these words seriously.

Keep a check on the time you spend for WhatsApp and Facebook. If it is a distraction for your studies, please do something about it. Either keep all unimportant groups/conversations on mute and check messages when you are really bored after studying OR uninstall/deactivate WhatsApp/Facebook for 2 months. Dedicate your best time for God and studies. You will have your friends always with you. You will get enough time to socialize even after exams. But this time is really precious. Only one month left. So be serious in your studies and preparations.

This period of time, from January- February (60 days) is very crucial and you will never get it back. Even one second is precious. So make use of the time wisely, study properly and score well. Your career and future is in one way, dependent on the marks you score, since it is a highly competitive world.

If you don’t score well in your exams, your parents will be in trouble. They will have to go around, applying to various schools, begging the principal and the management for getting admission. They will have to spend lot of money to arrange for your admission. So why trouble them in their old age? If you have good marks, then you can easily apply for your desired course in your desired college/school. Isn’t it great?

So, all you need to do is to study well and do your best, then leave the rest to God. Then, in the worst case, if marks are still less, don’t worry. You will never regret, since you did your best. God will help you to get good admission.

So please get away from all social media or anything which takes away your precious time, for atleast 2 months, till the exams are over. You can enjoy during your vacation which follows, but now please pray and work hard. There is no shortcut to success.

Now it’s not too late. You still have one more month left to study new topics and prepare well. There are lot of topics to study and lot to remember. So make use of this time to read more and make notes. Make a timetable and plan accordingly. Get in touch with your teachers for doubts or seek help from good and bright students. Read the text books thoroughly. Write notes and keep it handy for the last day revision.

This is not to scare you, but to help you. You can do well. All the very best. Take care of your health. God bless you.

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