8 things you may forget to do with your idea

Creative ideas are one of the ways in which God speaks to us. An idea can come to you in various forms like thoughts or visions or dreams or even it can come all of a sudden when you are least expecting it.

We need creative people like you. The very reason you clicked on this link to open and read this article shows that you are a person of ideas. Good! Keep reading. Your idea is valuable and something worth sharing with this generation. Therefore, I want to make sure that you really work on your idea, however small it may sound like. Here are 8 things you may forget to do with your idea.

1. First step is to quickly note it down

An idea can come quickly as well as vanish too quickly. If you fail to note it, there are chances that you may lose it for ever. Therefore, our first step should be to note it down somewhere. One suggestion is to make a note in the mobile phone notepad, because mobile phone is something we carry all the time.

2. Never ignore it

An idea may seem small to you, but eventually it may become a great idea, which can bring great impact to your life as well as others. Therefore never ignore it, even if it seems weird or least significant.

3. Put some thoughts to it

When you add some valuable thoughts to your idea, it becomes more creative and realistic. At the beginning, it may not be very clear to you or appealing to you, but as days goes by, it will take flesh and bones and become a beautiful and creative one.

4. Consider it sacred because..

It may be God trying to speak to you by putting some great ideas in your mind. God is full of creative ideas. Look at the sun, stars and the creation all around. How unique and beautiful each of them are! Therefore, being the children of God, we are also creative just like Him. All we need to do, is to seriously consider even the small ideas which pops up in our small mind. It may be God trying to speak to you, and through you.

Just to cite an example, the idea of marriage came from God

Once upon a time, when God was creating human beings, He first created man and named him Adam. He saw that Adam was alone and there was not found a suitable mate for him. The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” That’s how the first woman was created and God united both of them and instituted the concept of marriage. 

Have you noticed how God identified a PROBLEM, and suggested the SOLUTION to the problem, and how he TRANSFORMED that IDEA towards IMPLEMENTATION? There are numerous other examples as well.

5. Make sure it is from God

Before you implement it, make sure the idea is truly from God himself.

How to know this? Best way is to start discussing with God about the idea, in prayer and meditation. If it is from God, you will feel a divine peace within you to go ahead. Still if you are not confident on the source of your idea, just go ahead, and eventually you will know it.

By the way, why is it important to check if the idea is from God Himself?

If it is from God,

  1. It is worth spending our valuable time for!
  2. God stands besides us to help us in all ways possible to implement it. After all it is His desire too! It becomes a team work. How amazing it is to work with a team Leader who is All-wise and All-powerful and down to earth!

6. Validate it with the Word of God

This is a very important point to consider before proceeding further. Even though you may be convinced that it is God speaking to you, in order to confirm it, the best source is to cross-verify with the Word of God (The Bible). If it is truly from God, He will confirm it through multiple verses from the Bible. Even though this process may take some time, as you sincerely seek God, He will make sure to reveal His thoughts to you regarding your idea.

7. Never share it with the ‘wrong’ person

Be wise to chose to whom you share your ideas with! There are people who are really gifted in discouraging others. Dare not to share with them. The first response matters. If it reaches the wrong person, they may kill your idea and these 3 things may happen to you.

  1. You may be discouraged and your creativity may be affected, and you may loose that idea for ever
  2. You may feel hesitant to share your next ideas to anyone due to fear of rejection
  3. You will feel less interested to give attention to such creative thoughts which arises in your minds in future

Therefore the best way is to keep it with yourself and God, until it takes proper shape and structure. Later on, you can share it with people who really value your ideas and to whom you are comfortable with! Never make the same mistake Joseph did. He shared his dream with his brothers who later did many harm to him, so as to kill his dream.

8. Be prepared for this

Now, your idea has taken its proper shape and ready to be communicated to your team/others. When you share your idea with others, you can expect positive/negative criticisms, suggestions, additions, deletions etc. Be prepared for it, even to the extreme end of being rejected of your idea. Humble yourself to make necessary changes to it, so that as a team it can bring great outcome. Even if the idea is rejected by all, it doesn’t matter. Stay focused and work on it. Seek divine wisdom and counsel in implementing it. If it is truly from God, it will come to pass some day or the other.

What else can we do with our ideas? Please feel free to share your views below.

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  • Ben

    Couldn’t have timed it much perfectly…..was just going through a burden which the Lord had put in my heart and was a perfect few steps which I required….. thanks for the encouragement as always Donny Cha…..God bless you!!!!

    • http://hisvoiceonline.com.md-in-70.bigrockservers.com/ Donny Thomas Kurien

      Wow! That’s great! God’s timing is always the best