7 things to remember as you celebrate this Christmas (A gift inside!)

So, all set for the the Christmas day?Remember

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear about Christmas? Is it about holidays, enjoying with family and friends? or about the pictures of Santa Claus, baloons, stars, manger etc? or Christmas Carols, greeting cards, gifts etc? Yes, it’s a great season and we have a great reason to celebrate. Here are few things which you need to remember during this Christmas, which can help you celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way

1. Remember to invite ‘Jesus’ for His birthday party

Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season. And it is the birth of Jesus and the life of Jesus which brings meaning to Christmas, and He is the source of joy, happiness and eternal peace for the entire humanity. So don’t forget to invite Him for ‘His’ birthday party.

2. Remember that Jesus is present with you always

Just imagine, how exciting and amazing it would be to celebrate the birthday of a great person who lived a long time ago, and is present with us? Yes, this is true with Jesus. He is present with you all the time, even as you celebrate this Christmas.

3. Remember the ‘Person’ than the day

I am not sure whether it was 25th of December, that Jesus Christ was born, because the Bible doesn’t record a date as such. But one thing is sure, that a man named Jesus Christ was born into this world around 2000 years ago and He is an historical figure. The date really doesn’t matter but the ‘person’ matters!

4. Remember the meaning of the word ‘Jesus’

The word Jesus literally means, “one who saves people from sins”. In other words, the Savior. Jesus can save you from all your sins and can make you a better person. Isn’t it amazing?

5. Remember the life of Jesus

  1. He existed even before his birth (which means His birth was not the beginning of His existence)
  2. His birth was an incarnation of God
  3. He is known as the Son of God
  4. His birth was unique that he was born of a virgin
  5. His teachings were simple and had a great moral standard
  6. He never faulted in words, thoughts or deeds. Indeed He was a perfect man.
  7. His life was simple and he associated mostly with the common people
  8. He taught his disciples more about God, Heaven and the love of God (Because He came from God)
  9. He is the only person who came back to life to live for ever (Because He is God)
  10. He healed the sick, raised the dead and gave peace and happiness to many
  11. He did numerous miracles and the miracles were to help the poor and needy
  12. His death was a sacrifice and He died for the sins of the whole world
  13. He saves people from eternal hell and eternal damnation
  14. He went back to Heaven, from where He came and promised to come back again
  15. He will come back one day to take His people to Heaven
  16. He lives even today and is present near you as you read this
  17. He can give new meaning and hope to anybody in this world irrespective of caste, gender or religion.

To read more about story of Jesus, read the New Testament books of the Holy Bible.gift

I would like to gift you a free copy of the Bible (New Testament) as a Christmas gift. Click here to order your free copy.


6. Remember that Jesus can give you a new hope and new beginning

When Christ was born into this world, the world history got divided into two – BC and AD. The Bible says, that the people in darkness saw a great light. The people who invited Jesus into their lives, changed into good people. He became a source of happiness for the hurting, suffering and the lost humanity.

Jesus changed the existing law and set a higher moral standard. Jesus taught to love those that hate you and to do good to those who ill treat you. Yes, He taught us to love and proved to the world that love can change the world. Above all, he saved people from sins.

So during this Christmas, you have a great hope for a new beginning.

7. Remember to invite Jesus into ‘your’ life

As you celebrate Christmas this year, with your family and friends, remember to invite ‘Jesus’ into your personal life and He will be born into your life and that will be a turning point in your life. If Jesus could change the entire history of the world, He can change yours too. Then you will have a reason to celebrate Christmas every day of the year.

All you need to do is to believe Jesus and invite Him to come to your life. Pray this simple prayer sincerely.

Jesus, I know that you were born into this world 2000 years ago. I believe that you died for my sins too. Forgive me and make me a new person. Come into my life and give me a new beginning and new life. I receive you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord. Amen. 

If you have prayed that simple prayer, believing in your heart, Jesus has heard your prayer and has come into your life. All the best for this wonderful journey with Jesus. I would like to know your experience, please click this link and send your feedback.

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  • Zeno Ben Sunny

    Simple, precise and wonderful message Donnycha.
    “Remember the Person than the day.” Like this phrase among these 7. Yes! Christ should be born in us.

    Merry Christmas☺☺


    • http://hisvoiceonline.com.md-in-70.bigrockservers.com/ Donny Thomas Kurien

      :) Thanks Zeno. Wish you a blessed Christmas.