Kerala Flooded: Let us pray! Here is a simple prayer! Say AMEN if you believe

A RED alert was sounded in all the 14 districts of Kerala following heavy rainfall and opening of shutters of 35 dams while more people were shifted to relief camps including 23,000 in Ernakulam. All educational institutions across the state were ordered closed on Thursday. Death toll reaches 87 (as of 2:58pm IST 16 Aug). Army, Navy, Airforce, State and Central Govt doing their best in rescue operations. Relief Camps are opened across the state. Helpline numbers are flashing through the screens. Drinking water affected. Hospitals are affected.

While human efforts are being done to help in the prevailing situation, let us also look upon the Lord God for help.

O Lord

With one heart, one mind and one spirit, let us pray this prayer.

Nothing is impossible for God. Let us seek His help during this most urgent time of need.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven“(Matt 18: 19) – Jesus

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matt 7:7) – Jesus

If you and me (who is reading this), agree together, and pray this prayer, it will be done! I have no doubt about it. If you also agree with me, please read this prayer silently and believing in your heart, say Amen.

Dear Lord Most God High, The Creator of the Universe, who brought the whole universe into existence at the command of Your Word.

We come to Your Most Holy Presence with fear and trembling. We, the people of Kerala and from different parts of the world come together before Your Presence. We need your help at this most urgent and critical time. Our people are perishing, land is flooded with water, and more than 80 people lost their lives. Thousands are evacuated to relief camps, and the government is struggling to help the people.

We know that You can help us. We believe that only You can help us in this situation. 

Sorry God Most High for all the wrong doings of our lives. If we have grieved Your heart in any way, we are really sorry for that. We repent and turn to You O Lord. Please have mercy upon us. We are helpless and we need help. Please have mercy upon us and save the people of Kerala.

We are sorry for our rebellion, sorry for not loving You and other people around us. We have sinned against You and against You alone. We have failed in many areas of our lives. We repent and change our minds. We request you to forgive us of all our shortcomings and sins, and help the people in our land.

Lord, Your one word is enough. We know that even though millions are spent by the government, but for You, only one word is enough, because You are the One who created the universe. You have command over the rains and the climate. You are the One who created the clouds and the rain. You are the One who is in real control.

We know that You can help us.

Lord, please have mercy upon us and save our land. We plead for mercy and help. Thank you Lord for having mercy upon us and hearing our prayer.

Also, we pray for all those families who lost their dear ones. We request you to comfort their families. We also request You to help all the people who are staying in relief camps. Please help them O Lord. Give them their needs – Food, Shelter, Clothing, Good Air and Water. Lord, they have lost their households and belongings. They are in real need. Please help them O Lord. Have mercy upon Your people. Some of them are old and sick. Some are infants and little children. Some are pregnant ladies. Please help them O Lord.

We pray for all those who are doing the rescue operations. Please give them the wisdom, knowledge and intelligence to carry out the operations in the most effective way. We pray for their safety as well. Help them O Lord. 

Lord, we pray for the government. Please grant them Your Wisdom in handling this emergency situation. Lord, please help them to take wise decisions. Lord, if they make a mistake, thousands of lives are going to be affected. Therefore, Lord, please grant them Your Wisdom. 

Lord, we know that You are hearing our humble prayer. Once again, we ask you for Your mercy and help.

We believe that You have accepted our humble request.

We are waiting for the mighty hand of God in this situation. We believe that the rains will stop and the flood gates will be closed. We believe that the water level will decrease. We believe that the flooded areas will drain out. We believe that we will have a healthy supply of good water. Lord, we believe that you will restore the transportation, electricity and drainage system. We believe that the people can return back to their homes safely. We believe that you will turn the situations for good. 

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer.


If you have prayed this simple prayer, we believe that God has already heard your prayer. We need more people like you to urgently pray in this situation. Please share this to likeminded people like you, so that together as we pray, the Lord will save the land of Kerala from this disaster.

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