8 top secrets to keep in 2018

2017 is almost over. The door of 2018 is soon to be opened. Social media are flooded with wishes. Everyone is eager to post something online. With the increasing use of apps in social media, everything is becoming public. Everybody knows everyone. Everything is becoming online and public. But the Bible brings us to a world of secrets. Let’s see what those are! Let me introduce to you 8 secrets you need to keep it secret this year. The choice is yours to make it public or secret.8 secrets in 2018

Let’s start with this beautiful Bible verse. This was a statement made by Jesus.

“But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly..” Matt 6: 6

“Go into your room”

Jesus wants you to pray in secret. Let the time you spend alone with God be in secret. Let no one know about it. It’s your private time with the Lord. It is not for the public to know. Do you have such a secret place to be in the presence of God? If no, find it today!

Top Secret#1 Let there be a secret place for your prayer.

“Shut your door”

Remember to close the door, which means, let no one see what you are doing there. Once you are sure that no one is watching, you become more relaxed and free. You can pray in whichever format you want. You can talk, sing, dance, cry and be yourself in the presence of the Lord. Don’t you want such a time with God? Make sure the door is shut.

It can be your mobile phone which is making noise. Switch it off! It may be your kid crying. Choose a time when the baby is sleeping. It may be your spouse calling you for something. Choose a time when he/she is asleep. Whatever that may interrupt your time with the Lord, close that door.

Top Secret#2 – Let there be a secret time for your prayer.

“pray to your Father”

Yes. once your place is ready and the door is shut, you can start talking to your Father. Let that prayer be in secret. No one should overhear what you are saying. Open you heart, mind and soul before God. Let that be top-secret. You can say anything you want. The only one who should hear you is the Father. It’s your private talk with the Lord. Make use of it. Speak your heart to Him. Talk to Him face to face.

Do you have such a time/place where you can open up before God, and you can be sure that no one is over hearing? You can be rest assured that your voice will not be recorded for internal training purpose! God understands you even if you are unable to put in words. He knows your heart and he knows what you are about to ask even before you start asking Him.

Top Secret#3 – Let your prayer be in secret.

“Father, who is in the secret place”

Your Father is present in His secret place. When you are seated in your secret place without any distraction, He becomes real to you. Even though He is unseen, you will be able to feel His presence, and you will hear His voice, as you speak to Him. The Father watches over all your words, thoughts and actions. He is listening to you. The relationship you both have is in secret.

Top Secret#4 – Let your relationship with the Father be in secret.

I mean, your intimate relationship with the Father is not something to be boasted about. It is a top-secret. It is purely by God’s grace that you have a deep relationship with the Father. You can approach him at any time, for any help. He is always a present help for you.

“Father who sees in secret”

When you are in your secret place, speaking secretly to your Father, your Father is listening carefully. He knows that you are not praying to be seen by people. He knows that you are genuinely talking to Him and not mere acting as if you are praying. You are really sharing your stuff with Him. And He is genuinely interested in you. Yes, He is listening. He pays even closer attention to you, because you have taken an appointment to be in His secret place.

Top Secret#5 – Let your Father see what you do in secret

“will reward you openly”

It is God’s nature to reward us openly. He will bless us, and grant us our prayer requests.

There is a woman in the Bible who was childless for many years. She decided to present the matter before the Lord. She went to that secret place, to pray. Her lips moved but no sound came out. Others thought she was mad. But she was talking to her Father in heaven. You know what? God answered her prayer, and that’s how prophet Samuel came into the Lord. That lady is Hannah.

Your reward is waiting for you, to be given in public, but before that you should go to that secret place, in order to grab it. You know what I meant!

Now, how many secrets have we discussed?

SECRET place, SECRET time, SECRET prayer, SECRET relationship, SECRET eye! Yeah 5 points. 3 more. Let’s turn to another portion of the Bible.

“Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops” Matt 10: 27

“Whatever I tell you in the dark”

When you are in your secret place, in that darkness, you will hear the voice of Jesus Christ. Yes, it will be crystal clear and real. Remember your school days when you played hide-and-seek with your friends. Imagine, you and your friend went to hide yourselves in the dark. The other person is coming in search of you both. You both will be whispering in darkness. What a thrill it would be! That person who comes near your place, and doesn’t find you in the darkness, but you both can see him. Remember that friendly talk in that darkness. Yeah, this is somewhat similar to this.

When you are in the secret place, you have your most intimate friend talking to you in the darkness.

Top Secret#6 Let your secret friend talk to you. That is, SECRET talk.

“speak in the light”

Are you afraid to speak in front of others? Or do you run out of words in front of a crowd. Yes, it is high time to go to that darkness to hear from God, then you will know what to speak in light! This point is specifically for the leaders, preachers, pastors etc. Before you stand before the church people, sit at the feet of God. He will speak to you in darkness. You just have to repeat those words in public.

“what you hear in the ear”

Yeah, that means, the voice is gentle, feeble and light. It’s a whisper. In order for you to hear that gentle voice of God, speaking to you, you need to shut off the other noise around you. Your ears need to be sharp, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You can’t listen when the world is plugged into your ears. You need to take it off, and pay close attention to what the Lord is saying. Undivided attention please! God is speaking.

Top Secret#7 – Let your ears be sensitive to the secret words

Don’t disclose everything you have heard. Speak only what is permitted to!

“preach on the housetops”

If you desire to speak for public meetings, first you need a listening ear. Only then you will be able to clearly convey what the Lord is asking you to preach. A preacher should be a good listener, and an attentive student of the Holy Spirit.

Do you desire to become a preacher? Or a public speaker? Yes, you will have to go to your secret place to get the right message for the people.

Just one more verse!

“Now when they bring you to the synagogues and magistrates and authorities, do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say. For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” Luke 12: 11, 12

“Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say”

Yes, you are not alone in public. The Holy Spirit, who was with you in your secret place is with you in your public place as well. He will be a good teacher, teaching you and speaking to your mind as you frame your sentences in your mind. What a great teacher. On-the-job training!

Top Secret#8 – Let the Holy Spirit be your secret helper/teacher/guide.

In your examination hall, Holy Spirit is with you. In your difficult times of life, Holy Spirit is near you. If you are running short of words, if you don’t know what to say, to certain people, don’t worry, He will teach you at that same instant. If you get used to listening to His voice in the secret places of the Most High, you will also learn how to listen as you speak. This multitasking is highly essential, in the walk with the Lord.

Hope you will keep these 8 secrets, the top secrets in 2018. May the Lord bless you. Wish you a blessed new year.

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