How to fall in love with Jesus all over again

Now that you long His presence more than ever before. Good! Fed up of the distractions from the world? Longing to get back to the ‘first love’ you had with Jesus? Too much of information bombarding from every direction, do you get lost in the world of inter-net?fall in love again

Good that you have decided to spend some quality time in His presence, to get back to that intimate relationship you had with Jesus. You really want to hear that gentle whisper of God’s Holy Spirit all over again. You just want to cry at His feet, sharing all your burdens. You just want to talk to Him like a friend face to face. Let me share with you few of the things which we can do to restore back to that first love.

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Get back to the first love

Read Revelation 2: 4

Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.

Revelation is a book where Jesus shares His heart with his loved ones. Here, Jesus reminds them, “You are doing so many things for me. I know that! But you have left your first love you had with me”

Earlier, we used to sit at His feet for long. That was our first priority. We dare not to do anything which hurts his heart. Every moment we were concerned about our relationship with Jesus. Any time, we feel a lacking of God’s presence, we used to run back to His presence, cry and get back to that intimate relationship. But how about now?

We are now concentrated more on doing things for God, but not spending enough time with God. Many other things have taken priority. Many other things have crept in even without our knowledge. One such thing is that gadget fondly called as ‘smart phone’, which has smartly taken the place of God. We are now so much intimate with that electronic device.  Infact we are in love with it.

Early in the morning, that’s the first thing we talk to! That’s last thing we do before sleep, to talk to that device. We keep checking it out always through out the day. Yes, we may find many Bible related messages in YouTube, Facebook and other social media, but we rarely talk to God.

Jesus is so much hurt because of this! We no longer spend enough time talking to Him. We are always busy on the phone.

The first step to get back to His presence, is to switch off your phone for some time, and start talking to God. So you will have your 100% concentration for God. No worries about alerts, push notifications or missed calls. Just one thing at a time! Talk to Him. Hear what He wants to say! Yes, He longs to speak to you. Now, what are you waiting for?

Yes, fall in love with Jesus all over again. How to do that? Read next point

Do the first works

Read next verse (Revelation 2:5)

Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works

Earlier, when you used to be in love with Jesus, you have done so many things just to please Him. How about now? Now, are you doing all these to please Him or to please people? That’s a great difference. Jesus is more concerned about why we do it or to whom we do it, rather than what we do!

We used to make colorful Bible notes, as we read the Bible. We used to stick to daily Bible reading patterns, set planners to complete reading in a month or an year. We used to byheart verses, inorder to ensure it saturates our minds, so as to enjoy His presence always. But how about now?

We used to go to church with great expectation, to receive from the Lord, and to encourage other dear brothers and sisters. We were so eager to share our spiritual experiences with others. We were so attentive to the sermons preached, and used to take notes with great enthusiasm. But how about now?

Earlier, we used to go for spiritual meetings, with great expectation, inorder to receive a special touch from God, and to get a fresh anointing, inorder to have a more close walk with God. Now, since gadgets have taken place, we are more interested in watching everything online or LIVE! We are no longer interested in physically being in spiritual get-togethers! Everything is LIVE now, but the ‘first love’ is not alive!

Jesus has only one thing to say

  1. Remember therefore from where you have fallen (Recollect)
  2. Repent (Change of mind)
  3. Do the first works (Start it all over again)

Here are some practical tips

  1. Switch off your mobile phone, as you do this (atleast when you get on to your knees)
  2. Open your mind to the Lord, share all your thoughts – whatever is bothering you. God is not there to judge you and cast you away from His presence. He is there to help you come back to His love.
  3. Tell Jesus that you want to start it all over again. Tell Him how much you love Him, or atleast how much you want to love Him.
  4. Ask forgiveness for all the shortcomings.
  5. Take simple and good decisions, like spending less time on social media, or spending more quality time reading and meditating the Word of God, or to speak less and to listen more
  6. Write your decisions in a diary, else you will forget later
  7. Start thanking God for all that He has ever done. Include all that you can ever remember – The food, shelter, clothing, education, knowledge, etc
  8. Tell the Lord that you have no one else to trust upon, He is the Only trustworthy Person we have, in this lost world!
  9. Sing some beautiful love songs, such as In moments like this, I song out a song; What a friend we have in Jesus; Draw me close to you; Every hour I need you; Have thine own way Lord etc (YouTube links has been added as links. Click on the songs)
  10. Get in touch with people who really loves the Lord.
  11. Remember all what you have done in the initial days of your relationship with the Lord, and do it again. Check out our old diary entries.
  12. Make sure you get back that burning love for Jesus in you, before you get involved in anything else. First things first!

Let us pray

Father, thank You Lord for giving us an opportunity to come back to the first love we had with You. Lord Jesus, please help us to come more close to You. Help us to have a deep and intimate relationship with You. Do not allow the world to take your place in our hearts. We need You every moment in our lives. We long for You. You are the Only One we have! We trust in You. Restore us back to Your presence. Thank you Jesus! In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  • Joanna Sara Valson

    Praise God. Thank you for this article. It was very encouraging.

  • Joshua Valson

    Beautiful! :) Let’s always draw near to Him with a simple childlike faith.