10 (+17) short advices ‘for the’ going-to-get married or even the married ones!

It happened that in one of the closed WhatsApp groups which I am part of, somebody initiated this topic – Things to keep in mind, as one enters into a holy covenant in marriage. There were bachelors, recently married one and ones who were happily married for a very long period. Many of them poured out their learnings into the discussions which happened. So thought of sharing with you, with their consent. 10 short Sit back, relax read for yourself. Take whatever seems valuable to you. Do not forget to share your views in the comments below. Who knows? It may help somebody.

1. It is good to discuss and learn from elders and friends


2. “Do not expect your life partner to listen to you in a moment”


3. Both husband and wife aligned to accomplish the same mission and vision from God


4. “Don’t expect a perfect partner” Because there is none


5. “Don’t dump on your partner’s head!”


6. For a break, read this love song written by one sister for her husband on their wedding anniversary day. Lovely!

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7. Believer should marry only a believer


8. Here are few words from an elder brother who is married for many years


9. Don’t underestimate the power of pre-marital and marital counseling

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10. Here comes few words from a little sister who is going to be married next week :)

al1 al2 al3 Now, it’s your turn! Keep sharing! May be your one word may spark a great hope and love in the lives of many married couples. #LetsBuildFamilies

——-Update to this post at 12:06 AM, 09 Sep 2018

Many read this post and conveyed their thanks and regards to the ones who wrote these points. Thank you all who contributed.

My friend and brother named Thomas Mathew shared a huge list of points in this group. With his consent, I’m updating it here. Thomas Mathew is an ex-project manager and is now a pastor serving in one of the churches in Trivandrum, along with his blessed wife and two children. You may check out his blog here – http://believerblogs.blogspot.com. Thank you brother for sharing these valuable points

11. The final list of 17 points by Thomas Mathew






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  • Rupika Sahu

    1. For ppl who are going to get married(even, I am single 😉), I request you to pray and seek GOD to “prepare you and the person who is coming into ur life”. The circumstances which we face after marriage will vary person to person and GOD prepares us for them and the family that we are going to.

    2. Try to empathize with the person but never criticize.

    3. When some problems come or when you dislike something about your partner or when u had any argument or anger on your partner for what they done, don’t try to analyze the things but try to understand them by entering into the other person’s shoes. It resolves maximum problems.

    4. Everyone has their own way of expressing feelings, accept them.

    5. For men, kindly remember one thing. A girl goes through a different and mixed kind of emotions(excited, fearful…) when she is going to be married/getting pregnant. Kindly understand her feelings and give her the freedom to express and support her.

    6. Show your strengths to strengthen someone but never show ur strength to weaken someone.

    7. Sometimes all we need to give to our partner in times of troubles is not solutions but our ears to hear. Listen to them and pray together.

    • http://hisvoiceonline.com/ Donny Thomas Kurien

      Great thoughts. Thanks Rupika. God bless you